Filing a Personal Injury Claim After an Amusement Park Accident

What’s more fun than a day at the amusement park? Visiting a theme park of some kind has been a favorite pasttime of American families for over a hundred years. However, that doesn’t mean that a trip to the amusement park can’t present certain dangerous possibilities.

A simple act of negligence on the part of the amusement park operators could result in an injury that is quite serious. Amusement park injuries happen every year and sometimes even result in life-threatening conditions.

If you’ve found yourself the victim of an amusement park injury, should you bring forward a personal injury claim? What are the steps you should take immediately following an incident to ensure the safety and stability of your future?

Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

Amusement Park Injuries

Thousands of people visit amusement parks each year with hopes of a grand day and leave injured or harmed in some form. These injuries occur across traditional theme parks, fairs, festivals, and other such venues.

All theme parks must live up to certain standards of safety, though sometimes park owners slip up, make mistakes, or simply are grossly negligent in their care.

The injuries that can result from a theme park mishap are many and varied: spinal cord injuries, strokes, broken bones, deadly falls and more have occurred across existing parks. Emotional distress, psychological trauma, and PTSD symptoms might also result from these kinds of accidents.

Often, these injuries are the result of some kind of mechanical failure. Wear and tear on theme park rides is common as they are used so frequently. If a park owner has failed to take proper care of their mechanics, accidents can happen and injuries can result.

There are some situations where a ride will rely on the control of an operator. If the operator makes a mistake, an accident and injury might result.

An operator may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, sleep-deprived, or simply not well-versed in how to operate the ride in question.

Steps to Take After an Accident

If you’ve been injured at an amusement park, you may be unsure of what steps you need to take. There are a few simple actions to follow that can help your recovery in the long run.

First, you’ll want to report your injury to park representatives. It’s important that the employees of the park can bring you medical attention as soon as possible. If the injury is serious, you may be taken to a hospital off the premises of the park.

Many parks have medical staff on hand that can treat your injuries. It’s important to deny this medical care. Failure to accept care may weaken your case against a park later, as it could be argued that this decision led to the worsening of your condition.

Park officials will make an official report and try to get all details about how the injury occurred. Be honest and open about the injury and how it occurred but leave it at this.

If a park employee begins to attempt to negotiate with you in any manner, you should hold off until you can speak to a professional. Cutting any sort of deal with park representatives on your own is not advisable, as you may end up shorting yourself of the help you’ll really need.

Finding an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Victims of theme park injuries often have a very long road to recovery. The medical bills associated with these injuries can be quite steep — we all know just how pricey medical care in the United States can get.

As such, it’s essential for any injured individual to seek the help of a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after an incident.

An attorney can help to ensure that this individual gets the compensation that they deserve.

An experienced personal injury lawyer will have handled cases just like yours many times in the past. They will know what evidence needs to be gathered and what strategy should be employed to get the best possible results.

If you think that negligence played a role in why your injury was sustained, an attorney will help you to bring a personal injury lawsuit forward. You can seek damages from the park owners that will attempt to make up for the pain and suffering you’ve faced due to their carelessness.

What an Attorney Can Do

An attorney can work with accident investigators and medical experts to help make sure you have as strong of a case as possible. They’ll also be adept at negotiating with the park’s insurance company, which may attempt to deny or low-ball your compensation package.

They’ll be able to walk you through the specifics of your case in a way that is clear, concise, and easy to understand. There’s no reason to be confused about the status of your own well-being. An attorney will ensure that you aren’t.

This can be much-needed help while you’re still in the process of recovering from serious injuries. Most personal injury attorneys will sit down with you for a free consultation, meaning you won’t need to pay to see if you have a case.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim

If you’ve been injured in some sort of amusement park accident, it’s essential that you take the proper steps following the incident. This includes speaking with an attorney, as you might have grounds to bring a personal injury claim forward.

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