Dog Bite Lawyers

Dog Bite Lawyer

A dog attack can be a very traumatic experience.  Also, a dog bite may cause serious nerve damage and scaring.  In addition to that, fear, anxiety, or long-term physical and emotional damage can occur.  If a dog or animal has attacked you or a loved one, seek medical attention, immediately.  Next, contact the experienced South Florida dog bite lawyers at the Dawson Law Firm. If you have been injured from a dog bite attack, Florida Law protects you with legal rights to seek proper compensation for your injuries and suffering.

Know Your Rights if Injured by an Animal

Dogs are often untrained and their owners frequently irresponsible.  In addition, when answering the door, dogs can become extremely aggressive.  Untrained animals can escape their leashes in public, or even attack when least expected.  Whatever the circumstance, you deserve help from an experienced South Florida dog bite lawyer. No matter where the dog bite attack occurred, we can help.  In addition, Florida law holds dog owners responsible and accountable.  The accountability depends on the specifics of the attack. For example, if a homeowner’s insurance policy covers dog attacks, the dog owner may already have representation provided by the insurance company. You need to ensure you have your legal team assembled, as well, to represent your best interests to review your legal options.

Compassionate and Experienced Lawyers

Florida law provides several grounds for liability dog/animal bites or attacks. Although, dog bite cases seem simple, they are not.  There are many issues that involve questions such as the amount of insurance coverage, proper investigation of the incident and preservation of evidence. All of the details must be covered to ensure a claim is properly filed to hold the negligent parties accountable.

At The Dawson Law Firm, we handle dog bite claims with the understanding and compassion as if one of our own family members were injured. We work with the dog owner and/or the insurance company to obtain the compensation needed to cover medical bills from the injuries sustained. Contact the experienced trial lawyers at our firm learn more about filing a claim to receive maximum compensation. We will help you through each step the litigation process. Consultations are free and we don’t collect for our fees until you win your settlement.