Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bicycle Accident Injury Attorneys

Bicycling has increased in popularity. However, the number of bicycle accidents has increased as well, especially in South Florida. Scrapes and bruises are unfortunate injuries at best. More serious injuries from a bicycle accident can leave a victim disabled, altering or even ending their life. Therefore, understanding all of the different types of bike accidents is where an experienced bicycle injury attorney can help. The goal is to maximize your injury claim with the insurance company of the at fault driver. South Florida has many bicycle riders who enjoy riding as an exercise, a commute or as a mode of transportation. 

However, bicycle riding can be a dangerous leisure activity when cars are present.  Accidents can occur in parking lots, side streets or sidewalks.  Even drivers yielding to pedestrians can cause an accident if they aren't paying attention.

South Florida Bicycle Accident Lawyers

As South Florida cyclists know, car drivers change lanes without indicating.  Also, they may not pay attention to blind spots and poorly acknowledge pedestrians and surroundings.  Then, combine carelessness with the vulnerability of cyclists and you are sure to have an accident.  Even if the cyclist is wearing a helmet, injury can still occur.  It doesn’t compare to having a metal mass surrounding you to absorb the impact of a collision. If a careless driver has injured you, you should not have to pay for their negligence. 

The experienced bicycle injury lawyers at The Dawson Law Firm are available, now.  We are dedicated to representing injured people to help them fight for their rights. We offer free, private consultations in our Fort Lauderdale/Miami offices. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, loss wages, pain/suffering, emotional suffering and loss of life enjoyment. Contact our South Florida bicycle injury lawyers at The Dawson Law Firm. Learn more about filing a claim to obtain fair compensation for your injuries.  Consultations are free and we are available 24/7.