08 Aug 2017

David and Goliath

David Slain Goliath Once Again

The Dawson Law Firm recently received a huge appellate victory addressing an expert discovery issue.  State Farm had objected to the scope of expert discovery.  Dawson had filed seeking extensive information related to the relationship between State Farm and the doctors they had hired to provide favorable defense opinions.

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04 Aug 2017

FL Judges Hire Dawson

Wins Judgement for Dog Bite Case

The Dawson Law Firm recently won a Summary Judgment.  Dawson defended a dog bite case on behalf of our client, a prominent retired Fort Lauderdale judge.

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11 Jul 2017

Wrinkle Filler Lawsuit

Wrinkle Filler Lawsuit – $750,000 Verdict Won

The Dawson Law Firm received a verdict in the amount of $750,000 following a trial for damages arising out of a wrinkle filler lawsuit for negligence arising out of the administration of a popular wrinkle filler, Restylane injection from a local South Florida Med Spa.

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28 Feb 2017

Disc Herniation

If Your MRI Shows Disc Herniation…

The neck and back are in constant motion during waking hours.  Vertebrae in the spine are separated by a cushiony substance called discs.  These discs are intended to keep the integrity of the space between the vertebrae intact.  Nerve roots connect the brain to the arms and legs through those spaces.  This is why, when there is a disc herniation, or a pressing against the nerve roots, pain is experienced.

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27 Feb 2017

No Fault Insurance

What’s No Fault Insurance?

In Florida, automobile owners are required to purchase personal injury protection (PIP) no fault insurance coverage. Insurance pays up to $10,000 for medical bills and lost wages from a car accident.  Even if the accident is the insured person’s fault, the coverage still applies.  This law, is sometimes referred to as the No Fault Statute. 

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09 Jan 2017

lawyer for boat accidents

Boat Accidents

In Florida, there are over 950,000 registered water vessels, including personal water crafts.  As a result, boat accidents are more inclined to happen.  Unfortunately, boating can be a dangerous endeavor.  In order to avoid accidents from occurring, we came up with a list of the”Top 8 Ways to Avoid a Boat Accident.”

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31 Oct 2016

Diminution in Value

Diminution in Value

When calculating the damages to your vehicle, after an accident, you must also consider the loss of value.  One major element of the damage to your vehicle is your car value after a crash since it is reported to companies such as Carfax. This loss of value is called diminution.  It can involve many thousands of dollars.  Most people don’t know to ask their insurance companies to consider loss of value as part of the overall claim.

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19 Oct 2016

Filing Insurance Claims

Attorney Help Filing Insurance Claims

We are grateful that the loss of life, or injuries to people were very limited from Hurricane Matthew.  However, in the event of a hurricane, it’s important to know your rights in the event that your property is damaged.  Specifically, we can help you deal with filing insurance claims to repair or replace the damage property.  It’s important that the claim is handled quickly.  Also, we help you receive the full amount of damages to which you are entitled.

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07 Sep 2016

Science of a Car Accident Injury

The Science of a Car Accident Injury

My car doesn’t have a lot of damage, so why does my neck hurt so much? Car Accident Injury?  The car accident was unexpected – after all, it was just a short trip to the grocery store when the vehicle was struck in the parking lot. Not a lot of damage, just some paint scratches. Sure there was a jolt, but the car took the brunt of it. Or did it?  Later, the next morning, you feel stiffness and loss of range of motion turning to the right.  How could this be?

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03 Sep 2016

Delay in Feeling Pain

Delay in Feeling Pain, After an Accident

People involved in car crashes frequently feel dazed immediately following an accident.  Consequently, many believe they are uninjured.  Then, they experience significant neck or back pain a day or two, or even later, after an accident.  Why does this happen?  Why is there a delay in feeling pain, after an accident? There are many explanations for this delay in feeling pain.  This post will explore a few of the reasons.

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