Motorcycle Accident Cases

Motorcycle Accident Cases

With motorcycle accident cases, a prompt investigation needs to happen.  Therefore, preserve valuable case evidence by documenting everything.  Also, denials of your liability coverage may occur.  Due to motorcycles perception as dangerous, when in reality, motorcycle drivers are just as careful as other drivers on the road.  In these cases, injuries can range from serious to even death.  That's why you need the experienced lawyers at Dawson Law Firm.  They will help you navigate the sometimes overwhelming process.  Also, they fight to get the most compensation for your motorcycle accident injuries.

Motorcycle Accident Cases, Experienced Lawyers you can Trust

A recent survey about motorcycle accidents conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported startling facts about helmet usage.  Moreover, "the use of motorcycle helmets saved an estimated 1,669 lives.  An additional 660 lives would have been saved in 2014 if all motorcyclists had worn helmets."  California led the United States with 519 total motorcycle accident fatalities.  Next, Florida places second with 478 motorcycle accident fatalities.  Also, Florida law does not require motorcycle drivers to wear helmets.  However, the Dawson Law Firm believes everyone riding a motorcycle should always wear a helmet and protective clothing.  In the event of a motorcycle accident, you can avoid more serious injuries with proper protection.

Following a motorcycle accident, consult with an attorney. The experienced accident attorneys from Dawson Law Firm can help.  We are familiar with local South Florida laws.  Lastly, we want to provide detailed representation if your case warrants our guidance.

Attentive and Professional Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

As the attorneys at Dawson Law Firm review your case, we’ll give you our personal attention and develop an approach that takes the individual factors into account.  With over 34 years of experience handling motorcycle accident cases, we’ll do our best to see that you receive any compensation that you’re entitled to.  Call of offices now to schedule a free case evaluation.