Brain Injury

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Traumatic Brain Injury, also known as TBI, can occur from the trauma related to a motor vehicle accident.  The skull can violently strike the steering wheel, dashboard, or window causing injury.  Also, more serious injuries can occur from the sheer force of the accident.  The force can cause the brain to collide against the internal hard bone of the skull.  Due to when a moving head comes to a quick stop, the brain continues in its movement.  Therefore, forcing it to strike the interior of the skull. This can cause bruising of the brain (referred to as a contusion) and bleeding (brain hemorrhage) which may not be visible at the time of injury.

Brain Injury can occur without any obvious signs of injury to the head.

When TBI occurs, it is often referred to as a closed head injury. A closed head injury is defined by Wikipedia as "a type of traumatic brain injury in which the skull and dura mater remain intact. Closed-head injuries are the leading cause of death in children under 4 years old and the most common cause of physical disability and cognitive impairment in young people."

Next, when a person sustains a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury or any type of severe injury, the symptoms can severely affect their way of life. At the Dawson Law Firm, we represent people with these injuries.  We understand that there are a number of factors that should be evaluated to help diagnose the brain injury and to refer to the appropriate specialist. We understand that the extent of the injury may have been more severe due to outside factors that contributed to the accident.

Not all brain injuries are the same.

In addition, there are degrees which makes it more difficult to diagnose.  A brain injury can be classified as mild if loss of consciousness or confusion and disorientation at the accident scene is shorter than 30 minutes.  MRI and CAT scans are often normal means to scan for possible injury.  However, if the individual has cognitive problems such as headache, difficulty thinking, memory problems, attention deficits, mood swings or frustration, these injuries are commonly overlooked.  Even though this type of TBI is called “mild”, the effect on the family and the injured person can be devastating.

Traumatic Brain Injury Professionals on your side.

Because brain injuries and closed head injuries may be difficult to ascertain from how a person looks, but only from how they act.  It is important to rely on attorneys with experience addressing the serious affects of TBI.  Cognitive testing is imperative in the prompt diagnosis of this serious injury and this silent injury needs to be considered in the appropriate cases.  If you have any questions following an accident with symptoms consult with your attorney and your doctor.  Symptoms can include difficulty in concentrating, loss of memory, or headaches.  If these occur, the possibility of a brain injury should be explored.  Let the lawyers at the Dawson Law Firm guide you through these important evaluation steps.  We can ensure that your legal rights are protected in the event of such an injury.