How to Find A Personal Injury Lawyer? 7 Secret Tips You Didn’t Know

Don’t know how to find a personal injury lawyer? Want the best of the best? You’ll want to check out these 7 secret tips.

Did you know that in 2017 there were over 47 million injuries in the United States?

It’s no wonder that with so many injuries there are a lot of people seeking a personal injury lawyer to help them.

Not sure how to find a personal injury lawyer? Want the best of the best?

You’ll want to check out these 7 secret tips.

How to Find A Personal Injury Lawyer? 7 Tips to Help You on Your Search

Sometimes you can’t control getting involved in an accident or being a victim of an accident. If it ever happens you want to make sure you get a professional on your side to help you. You also want to take pictures of your injuries if possible because this can be used by your lawyer in the future.

How to find a personal injury lawyer doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process when you already have plenty on your mind after being in an accident.

1. History of Taking Cases to Trial

You want to make sure your lawyer has been inside a courtroom because they have taken cases to trial in the past. The first step in a case is to try to settle the case and come to an agreement before going to trial. Insurance companies are known to be aggressive because they don’t want to pay.

If the insurance company is familiar with a lawyer and they know that they don’t go to trial they’re going to take advantage. They will keep pressuring to make the lawyer fall into the pressure and want to settle. The key point here is to make sure your lawyer has a history of taking cases to trial because it will help you when they’re dealing with the insurance representative.

2. Let’s You Talk to Their Past Clients

You might not want to ask to speak to past clients but this will help you when making your decision. You can ask at your first consultation and see how they react. A good, confident lawyer will let you talk to past clients if you ask.

If a lawyer is confident in their work and knows they have satisfied clients they will not be ashamed whatsoever to let you speak to previous clients. If they tell you that you can’t speak with past clients you might want to reconsider because there’s a reason they’re saying no.

3. Are They Written and Lectures in The Personal Injury Field?

You have the right to ask the lawyer if they have any articles they have written in the personal injury field you can read over. You can also ask them if they have ever given presentations to other personal injury lawyers. Some might have even had a public service TV show where to spoke to the public and educated them on personal injury situations.

The more your prospective lawyer has done the more they know about their personal injury field. That’s who you want to hire the expert. You want to choose someone that is specialized in personal injury law because there’s a lot to deal with especially from insurance companies when dealing with a personal injury case.

If you hire an attorney that handles wills, bankruptcies, and divorces they will not be aware of all the laws that surround personal injury cases. You don’t want to risk the quality of your lawyer representation by hiring any lawyer vs a specialized lawyer well versed in the field.

4. Proven History of High Verdicts

You want to ask the lawyer at your first meeting how many verdicts or settlements they have had. If they have a track record of securing high verdicts and settlements then there’s a big chance that they’ll do the same for your case.

5. Enough Resources to Carry Out Your Case

When you first go to your prospective lawyer’s office look around their office to see if they seem successful. Something people don’t realize until they’re going through it is that serious personal injury cases are expensive to prepare.

There are multiple people needed to prepare for the case such as doctors, biomechanics, economists, and vocational rehabilitation specialists to name a few. You want to make sure the lawyer you choose has enough money to cover the expense of the case because they can spend countless hours preparing your case, making trips to the courthouse, and possibly go to trial in some cases.

6. Active Member of State and National Trial Lawyer Groups

There are groups available for lawyers to be part of an be active in where they can collaborate and learn from other personal injury attorneys. Learning from others in the field is a great way for injury lawyers to know what insurance companies are up to.

It’s a critical part of their job to be up to date on any difficulties other lawyers are going through to be prepared for those situations if they arise in their own cases.

7. Available to Help You

It’s no doubt that you need an expert and someone with knowledge in personal injury you also want someone that’s available to help you when you have a question. You also want a lawyer that keeps you updated often and doesn’t disappear for a few months.

When you have your first meeting with your prospective lawyer it will give you an idea if they’re present and there without distractions during your first meeting.

Get the Representation That You Deserve

As mentioned earlier how to find a personal injury lawyer doesn’t have to be a daunting task when you know what to look for. Hiring an attorney is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You want to be represented by someone that is an expert and wants to help you an see you get when you deserve.

Are you looking for a professional personal injury lawyer that is ready to help you get what you deserve? Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.