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Appellate Attorney in Ft. Lauderdale

The Dawson Law Firm has been handling trial and appellate work since 1982, and has argued appellate cases to the 3rd and 4th District Court of Appeals, the Florida Supreme Court and the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Well-versed in insurance litigation, We are very experienced in areas of insurance policy construction, insurance bad faith, material misrepresentation, constitutional law and attorney fee issues. Our Founding Attorney, Joseph Dawson, helped create new law in Florida regarding the assignment of a cause of action against an insurance agent for professional negligence and has successfully taken on giant insurance companies who wrongfully withheld insurance benefits. We believe that being active both in the trial and appellate arena makes a lawyer better at both. At the trial level, understanding how to make an effective record for appellate purposes is instrumental in giving a case the best chance of prevailing if an appeal is necessary. If you need an appellate attorney, contact us for a free evaluation of your appellate case and issues.

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The appellate process is delegated by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney such as Mr. Dawson and his team. Together they create a strong emotional connection and a dedication to giving their clients the most effective outcome that they deserve. This involves insurance policy construction, bad insurance faith, material misrepresentation, constitutional law, and attorney fee issues. The Dawson Law Firm has earned the equitable reputation to be considered the top of his field and is recognized universally by many of his peers’ top rankings and endorsements. Our firm feels it is essential to precisely understand what appeal law consists of and educate you on when and how to meet your needs. Appellate attorneys review and analyze case law, draft persuasive briefs and appellate documents, advocate in appellate courts before appellate judges, and assist trial counsel in framing issues at trial and preserving the record for appeal. There are many different angels in this field. However, the Dawson Law Firm specializes in personal injury, commercial litigation, probate, estate, and trust law. Our firm zealously advocates for those receiving unfair treatment from insurance companies and obtaining justice for those whose civil rights have been mangled. It can be a significant mistake in waiting to hire an appellate attorney until after the trial. This can be too late because we can help with pre-trial issues like motions in and jury instructions and with problems that arise during the trial to preserve those issues for appeal. Mr. Dawson can help with error preservation during a trial because most trial attorneys are busy doing what they should be doing, the trial. The Dawson Law Firm is a small firm, and we focus on pre-litigation, litigation, and appeals. This allows us to take the time and care to advise you on whether to appeal based on your circumstances.

Personal Injury: The Dawson law office understands that most personal injury cases in Florida settle during a claim and before trial. However, some need to progress to trial, and there is a perpetual chance that an appeal will follow. An appeal is where the party that lost at trial will ask an appellate court like the Fourth District Court of Appeals in South Florida to overturn the judgment. Joe has an experienced appellate team that assists in our trials, but we also can be retained by other law firms to help with their appellate issues. The appellate process takes a judgment from the trial court and puts it before a higher appellate court. The higher court will look at the judgment from a legal standpoint to determine whether the trial court made the correct decisions. It is advantageous that lawyers going to trial involve appellate counsel before trial.

Commercial Litigation: Joe Dawson has decades of experience in complex commercial litigation and business disputes. Our firm has a team that devotes the majority of their expertise to board of director members, high-level executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, partners, and other professionals, as well as corporations, LLPs, LLCs, partnerships, and their employees in state, federal and appellate courts, as well as in arbitration and mediation. He has been recognized by his peers and judges as a skilled, efficient, and effective litigator in arbitration and appeals.


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“I really had a wonderful experience with Dawson Law Firm there very considerate of their clients and aim to please throughout the whole process…They took every concern into consideration and provided wonderful service….Thank you so much Dawson Law Firm for everything.”


“Attorney Dawson is an amazing lawyer. He knew where to find the facts needed to assist me with my case. He was there for me every step of the way leaving no stone unturned. He will not back down and was there to help me when I needed him most. I am very happy with the results and would recommend his firm to anyone.”


“Mr. Dawson was an excellent help in regards to my accident. He was very communicative in letting me know what was going on in my case and helped get me the best result possible. His staff was very pleasant to work with as well. I would definitely recommend this law firm.”


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