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Ride Sharing companies (like Uber or Lift) are modernizing the way people get around. As a result, more car accidents can occur due to the lack of professionally trained drivers on the road. The car service costs a fraction of what traditional taxis cost due to the fact that the drivers are not professionals, in most situations. If you were hurt in an Uber or Lyft vehicle, do not hesitate to get in touch with an experienced Uber lawyer at The Dawson Law Firm. We provide legal advice and aggressive representation when pursuing maximum compensation for our clients.

Ride-sharing drivers are contractors, not employees like taxi drivers. Most of the time, the contractor can submit the necessary documents through an app to begin driving. It is possible that ride-sharing drivers are hired without proper background checks.

Sometimes drivers are underinsured, unlike licensed cab companies that are fully insured in the event of an accident. 

Florida personal auto insurance policies typically contain a clause when the insured is driving for compensation. Therefore, the driver’s personal insurance coverage will be denied to cover your medical expenses or lost income from the accident.

As a result, incidents with “ridesharing” passengers being harmed or seriously injured occur more frequently. It’s important to know your rights if you become injured as a ride-sharing passenger. Ride Sharing is a new industry in South Florida, which means it is unregulated. The laws to regulate these companies are still being formed. Insurance companies are still figuring out the rules to pay out for injuries in the event a car accident occurs. If you experience a trauma get in contact with an Uber lawyer at The Dawson Law Firm immediately to file a claim to cover your medical expenses.

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