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At The Dawson Law Firm, We Handle PIP Claims with The Understanding and Compassion as if One of Our Own Family Members Were Injured.

To begin, health care providers that process PIP claims are either experienced or are aware of the complications of F.S. 627.736 and its varied pits and pratfalls. Therefore, the processing of a claim can be a headache. At best, it’s an absolute quagmire of delay. Also, you face double talk by the PIP carriers and its corps of adjustors.

Also, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance companies improperly reject claims every day. In South Florida, some of the biggest insurance providers wrongfully deny claims, frequently. If you are a medical practitioner, the Dawson Law Firm wants to help you be certain that you are not wrongfully underpaid for the PIP Claims that you submit to the insurers. We will help your practice to review your patient files and determine areas where you were wrongfully denied payments on PIP claims. After notifying the insurance company with a demand letter, they have 30 days to respond. If the PIP Insurer still denies payment for whatever reasons, we will move forward with filing a lawsuit.

 To begin, Florida law requires the purchase of automobile insurance compliant with Florida Statute 627.736. So, simply stated, the goal of this statute is the efficient, expedited method of making payments to various medical providers. However, the purpose of PIP (personal injury protection) is as follows. The statute contemplates recovery of payment by medical providers directly from the PIP insurer, which in turn, guarantees injured parties quick payment of medical bills.

At The Dawson Law Firm, we handle dog bite claims with the understanding and compassion as if one of our own family members were injured. We work with the dog owner and/or the insurance company to obtain the compensation needed to cover medical bills from the injuries sustained. Contact the experienced trial lawyers at our firm learn more about filing a claim to receive maximum compensation. We will help you through each step the litigation process. Consultations are free and we don’t collect for our fees until you win your settlement.

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