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What Is The Value Of My Case?
The three key elements in determining the value of the case address the nature of the liability, the extent of the car crash injuries, the amount of insurance coverage available. Fault is the first critical question. Second is the determination of the extent of the injuries by your doctor. The third is the amount of available insurance coverage. As your attorneys, our firm seeks to maximize these elements as quickly as possible to obtain the highest recovery for you.
Why Hire A Lawyer That Tries Cases?
The reason an experienced lawyer with trial experience is important to have on your side is to ensure that the attorney has knowledge tempered by experience to represent you in an action. This should include having trial experience as the insurance companies are fully aware of those attorneys who are capable of litigating a case, rather than simply settling it. If the insurance company believes that your attorney will not file a lawsuit or try the case if necessary, they will offer less money banking on the settlement being less then the value of the case if it were tried.
What Do I Owe If I Lose?
No legal fee is owed in the event of an adverse result. However, since our firm does not accept cases that we don’t believe are meritorious, this is an extremely unlikely result. Nevertheless, no attorney can guarantee a result and having this understanding up front is important.
How Long Will It Take To Resolve My Case?
The question of how long it will take a case to resolve is difficult to answer in a paragraph. There are numerous variables that could affect how quickly a case resolves. Small injury cases can resolve quickly. However, the greater is the injury, the more complex the liability, or other factors can cause a case to take longer to resolve. The most important thing to remember is it’s not how quickly your case resolved it’s how well it resolved is you have to live with the result of the case for the rest of your life.
How Much Can I Expect to Recover?
Any results in a personal and the injury action are largely dependent upon three factors. The first and most important factor is the extent of the injury. The second most important factor is a liability, or fault. The third factor is available insurance coverage. The absence of any one of these from the equation usually results in a small recovery or none at all.


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