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Was Your Insurance Claim Denied or Too Small to Cover Your Hurricane Damages? Have A Team Of Litigators That Understand Your Situation & Have The Compassion Necessary to Fight On Your Behalf.

First, natural disaster related to weather can cause damages to your home. In the event of a hurricane, your insurance company will likely receive many hurricane insurance claims due to the regional nature of these catastrophes. Moreover, time is always critical when damage to your home happens. Ultimately, the goal is to repair the damage, quickly!

Also, the lawyers at the Dawson Law Firm have the experience you need to fight insurance companies to make sure you are treated fairly. In addition, we ensure that your claim is addressed promptly. Lastly, fair compensation is needed for your losses. The adjusting process is complex and confusing. For example, after a significant storm event, the claims process can be made much worse. We help you cut through the insurance “red tape.” We want to help resolve your claim quickly and with a much higher recovery.

To begin, we work with public adjusters to thoroughly evaluate the extent of the damages. They look at the cost of replacement and repair. This is important to rebut the low estimate of damages. The insurance companies regularly assess low estimates in an effort to minimize your claim. You need to even the playing field with insurance companies. You have legal rights and need to fight for what is fair. The insurance adjusters are trained to minimize the amount of the hurricane insurance claims to save the insurance company money. Therefore, you need your own expert and advocate to fight for you!

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The Dawson Law Firm team tries to go above & beyond for those interested in simply getting the facts straight about their potential case. This is why we’ve put together some of the most common frequently asked questions we come across.

Lastly, for over 30 years, lawyers at the Dawson Law Firm battle with insurance companies for clients just like you. Therefore, we understand the hard times you face as a person in crises after a bad event. We understand that you need quick help. We will argue to make the insurance company respond quickly on your Hurricane Insurance Claim. Also, insurance policies are written in a confusing manner. You need a lawyer with experience to help you understand your rights and limitations. To understand the details of your policy will help increase the benefits to which you are entitled. We answer our phones 24/7 during any crises. We are ready to help you in your time of need. Call us, now.South Florida traffic is legendary. If you are trying to travel from Miami to North Fort Lauderdale, you better build in some extra drive time for unexpected slow-downs. From road construction to a lapse of judgment from another driver, accidents happen all over South Florida.

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The Dawson Law Firm is here to help. They work tirelessly to represent you for your personal injury claim. Call The Dawson Law Firm to schedule a free case consultation. They don’t collect any money unless you win your case! They will even help you find a doctor near your home to ensure you are on the way to recovery.

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