Everyone wants to come visit South Florida!  Why not?  The beautiful beaches, perfect weather and great attractions. It’s always vacation season here.  We always expect to see lots of visitors all year round.  If you are planning a trip down to Florida, you are most likely planning what to pack, what to wear, car rentals, entertainment for the kids, and so on. The one thing that is probably farthest from your planning list is what you will do in the rare event someone in your family becomes Injured During Your Vacation.  The possibility of an accident happening while on vacation is probably the farthest thing in your mind.  However, accidents can happen at anytime.  It is possible to become Injured During Your Vacation visiting the Broward, Miami Dade and West Palm Beach counties, especially while driving.
Whether you are familiar with the area or not, driving can be very dangerous and accidents happen, everyday.  Becoming Injured During Your Vacation is not something you or your family can ever predict.  Making sure you are being taken care of from a medical stand point and from a legal standpoint are both very important.  A local attorney is needed to handle a local personal injury case.  The talented attorneys at Joseph Dawson Law appreciate and honor referring agreements.  They welcome representing people who have been referred to them by other attorneys. Locally, many attorneys refer their cases to them when litigation becomes necessary.  They have a great reputation as trial lawyers and specialize in personal injury cases of all types.  They handle each case with personal care and professionalism.  Their office is directly across the street from the Broward County Courthouse which places them in an ideal position to conveniently handle cases in litigation.  Local judges and courthouse staff know that Joseph Dawson Law are the ones to call for the best personal injury consultation and litigation.

What do you do if you are Injured During Your Vacation?

Worst case scenario, if you or a family member becomes injured while on vacation, there are a few important steps that you must take.

  • Get medical attention.  After an accident, this is the first most important step.  Even though you are miles away from your usual doctor, you need to make sure you get treated right away.  Some injuries can become worse if they go untreated!
  • Document the injuries and other damages. It may seem like the wrong time to be taking selfies, but everything must be documented from the accident.  Every piece of the accident you can document will be used as evidence in your case to help you.  The more information and evidence you can provide, the better.  But don’t wait until it’s too late. It may be harder to gather evidence after you’re back home, so do it ASAP.
  • Take down names and info of everyone involved.   Again, don’t wait until you get back home to start this process.  Make sure to gather names and phone numbers of everyone involved in the accident.  Also, witnesses information will be very helpful.  If the accident is involving cars, get license plate numbers and insurance providers.
  • Document everything with the local police. If you’re staying at a hotel and become injured due to a problem with the property, tell someone!  File a report.  Talk to management and make sure to get your own copy for your records.

If you are Injured During Your Vacation, remain calm.  Stay positive.  Keep all of your receipts.  Be sure to find the local legal help you need.  If you think you have a case, contact the attorneys at Joseph R Dawson in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  They are the best in the business and will get you the most for your injuries.  Call them now to talk about the next steps.