You hired an attorney and now you want to fire your attorney.  You cannot get a return call.  You have no idea what is going on with your case.  You only deal with the assistants and never have any direct contact with your attorney. These are just a few of the many reasons that people become unhappy with their attorney and wonder if they can change attorneys. The answer is yes. It will not cost you anything to change attorneys if you become unhappy with how your case is being handled.When a lawyer is handling a personal injury case, it is extremely important that there is clear and frequent communication so all of your questions get answered.  Also, make sure to provide any new information that the lawyer would need.   You are not stuck with an under-preforming attorney.  Your personal injury case is very important and proper representation is absolutely necessary!  At The Law Offices of Joseph Dawson, they are always accessible, even on weekends, to update you on your case. We understand that this is the most important case to you and we should treat it that way.

You have the right to fire your attorney and request new representation!

If you fire your attorney and hire us, we will address the issue of paying the former attorney a reasonable fee from our fee and you will not be charged anything for changing attorneys.   It is not our practice to encourage you to fire your attorney, but do you feel that the trust is broken between you and your attorney?  Do you feel like you no longer have the necessary confidence in that attorney?  You need to know that you are not bound to stay with that attorney.  Check out AVVO’s “Should I Fire My Lawyer” article for additional ideas.  We will be happy to discuss your case with you if you have decided that changing your attorney is the best thing for you and your case.