We are grateful that the loss of life, or injuries to people were very limited from Hurricane Matthew.  However, in the event of a hurricane, it’s important to know your rights in the event that your property is damaged.  Specifically, we can help you deal with filing insurance claims to repair or replace the damage property.  It’s important that the claim is handled quickly.  Also, we help you receive the full amount of damages to which you are entitled.

After a hurricane, homes may be uninhabitable until repaired while other homes suffered less catastrophic damages.  Also, damage can be defined as damage to the structure, including the roof, windows, pools, or even to motor vehicles.  The first step in filing insurance claims, is to notify your insurance company.  Having an attorney will help you get the attention of your insurance company, which is important after a disaster such as this when the insurance companies are receiving so many claims at once.

Hiring an experienced attorney to help with filing insurance claims can help you quickly repair damages.

Next, we will have our appraiser at your property to quickly estimate the amount of your damage, and the cost to repair.  This is a critical element of the filing insurance claims process. The insurance adjuster will attempt to minimize the cost of repair.  You need an independent analysis to ensure all of the damages are assessed.  Therefore, a true amount of the costs of repairs are considered.  However, if there is a difference between the two estimates, our firm becomes involved to aggressively advocate on your behalf.

Next, it is important to understand that insurance companies are mostly concerned with their profit margin, and not your claim.  They employ adjusters whose mission statements are to minimize the amount of money paid on claims.

Many adjusters are actually compensated based upon the amount they save the insurance company.

In most instances, our fee is paid for by your insurance company.  In any event, if we do not get a resolution, there is no legal fee to be paid.  While this never happens, using our firm to help recover the benefits you deserve is at no risk to you!  Our past experience makes us totally confident that we can help you recover significantly more money that the insurance companies may offer you.

You need to have an experienced advocate on your side to help you fight your insurance company for the benefits you deserve.  The benefits you deserve are the benefits you have been paying for years.  Because of the extensive experience fighting insurance companies for our clients, the lawyers at the Dawson Law Firm are prepared to fight this fight for you.   You have enough things to worry about!  Let us represent you when filing insurance claims.   Let us quickly initiate the process for you.  Contact our offices anytime for help.