Yes!  Hire an experienced trial lawyer to positively help you case.  Here is why.  There are many factors which you should consider.  The decision of which personal injury attorney you should hire to represent you is important.  One of the most important factors is your attorney’s litigation experience.To begin, we realize going to court may not necessarily be an attractive option.  However, the insurance companies must believe that you are willing to do so.  This helps to get the highest value for your case.  Therefore, the best leverage you have to settle for the highest sum is to utilize the skills of your experienced trial lawyer.

The insurance company will try harder to settle the case before a lawsuit is filed.  Insurance companies use this tactic to avoid going to trial against an experienced trial lawyer.  The insurance companies know which attorneys are trial attorneys and which file lawsuits.  Equally, they also know which attorneys will just take the first offer made.  However, if there is a chance to go to a jury trial, you could get more compensation. In essence, it’s critical to hire an experienced trial lawyer to representing you and your case.

An experienced trial lawyer will enhance the value of your case.

As a matter of fact, if the insurance company believes that your attorney will not file a lawsuit, they will make a lower offer.  Then, if they believe the attorney won’t file suit or will not go to trial, they will be confident that even a low offer will ultimately be accepted.  The insurance companies base this assumption upon past experiences with the attorney.  Usually, other attorneys who aren’t experienced trial attorneys may avoid filing suit, if they can.  Going to trial is difficult for unexperienced attorneys and can be overwhelming for them.  Likewise, this way of thinking is like dealing with a person who has a reputation for being a very good fighter. That person probably wouldn’t need to fight as often because the reputation for being a good fighter would intimidate potential opponents.

Finally, the lawyers at the Dawson Law Firm have extensive litigation experience. We have actively litigated personal injury cases for over three decades.  Our reputation will help you obtain the best settlement offer.  If that sum is not enough, we will file a lawsuit on your behalf.  If necessary, we will skillfully take your case to trial. You should put our experience to work for you and maximize the value of your case.  Contact us now for a free consultation.