The neck and back are in constant motion during waking hours.  Vertebrae in the spine are separated by a cushiony substance called discs.  These discs are intended to keep the integrity of the space between the vertebrae intact.  Nerve roots connect the brain to the arms and legs through those spaces.  This is why, when there is a disc herniation, or a pressing against the nerve roots, pain is experienced.

My MRI shows that I have a disc herniation, what does that mean?

According to the Mayo Clinic, “A herniated disk refers to a problem with one of the rubbery cushions (disks) between the individual bones (vertebrae) that stack up to make your spine.”  The spinal column supports the upper portion of the human body.  The spine is largely made up vertebrae separated by discs.  The pressing against the nerves (impingement,) is a common symptom of a disc related injury.  This injury is known as a herniation.  Disc herniation happens when there is a tear in the disc, allowing some or all of the liquid to leak out.  A leak permits compression of the two connected discs, or a bulge, which is when the disc protrudes, but does not tear. 

While either of these conditions may be pain free, depending upon degree, they are also very susceptible to contributing to pain.  Also, weakness in the arms or legs, numbness, and pain can occur based upon activity, the symptoms may be inconsistent.

Trauma Can Cause a Disc Herniation 

Disc Herniation is more commonly known as a slipped disc.  If pre-existing, the herniation may become more painful by aggravating the condition. The aggravation can make the protrusion or bulge even worse.  To decide if surgery is the proper corrective measure is a personal decision.  The decision is based largely on the extent of pain that created the impact.  Also, the person must determine how the injury has affected their ability to enjoy life.  Most people are able to get the benefit from conservative physical therapy.  On the other hand, a surgical procedure may be the best answer.  Surgery can reduce the daily pain the injury has caused.

Insurance Company Doctors Not on your Side

The insurance company doctors routinely dismiss serious injuries.  They claim that the injury pre-existed the trauma of the accident which caused the injury.  Therefore, it is VERY important to engage a law firm who understands these arguments.  Also, it’s important to chose a lawyer who is prepared to contradict those claims with sound medical arguments.   First, proper diagnostic testing is important.  Next, a thorough review of past medical records occurs.  Then, a complete understanding of the latest in medical literature is required to combat these insurance company claims.  That is why the attorney you hire makes a difference

Dawson Understands Your Pain

At the Dawson Law Firm, we know how these types of injuries impact the lives of our clients.   We engage the best doctors available.  They help diagnose, treat, and describe the injury to the insurance company and the jury.  If necessary, we fight to obtain the best results for our clients who have sustained a disc herniation injury.  Therefore, if you have questions about your disc herniation, give us a call.  Consultations are always FREE because we only collect for fees if you win your case.  The Dawson Law Firm is here to answer questions 24/7.  Contact us today.