Today, studies begin to suggest a significant link between children with autism and acetaminophen usage.  Moreover, one finds acetaminophen in over-the-counter pain meds such as Tylenol.  Autism is a group of closely related disorders having similar symptoms.  In addition, characteristics and symptoms of autism include trouble in communication, social interaction and difficulty relating to others.  Until recently, a child could only be diagnosed of autism at three or four years old.

Now, increases in autism studies within the medical community help to diagnose children at an earlier age.   Still, to identify a specific cause is the subject of various opinions from medical professionals.

Steve Schultz is the scientist who identifies what appeared to be an important trigger for autism.  From his quest to understand a cause for his son’s autism, he concludes that the cause is not from the MMR vaccine.  Rather, the onset of autism comes from the large doses of acetaminophen he gave to his son to treat the reaction to the MMR vaccine.  This is described in his book, Understanding Autism: My Quest for Nathan.

Dr. Brian Udell, M.D., discuses the links between Autism and Acetaminophen on his website.  Dr. Udell is a well-respected specialist who practices in South Florida.  Also, he addresses the historical connection between acetaminophen and autism and why the pharmaceutical industry should provide a warning on its label.  As a result, more studies conducted and alternative conclusions exclude acetaminophen as a cause of autism.

Moreover, the connection between autism and acetaminophen suggest a need for warning labels to advise of the autism connection.

Therefore, pregnant woman and small children should avoid use of this medication.  The Law Offices of Joseph Dawson understand this possible connection.  Our firm is knowledgable and available to handle these types of injury cases.   We  provide free consultations to discuss this and other “big drug” liability cases.  Call us now to schedule an appointment or visit our contact page for more info.